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Since 2003, PCS has provided real answers and exacting implementation to our clients. Our continuing dedication to developing and implementing precise answers to the thorniest of enterprise networking issues has created a staff with a keen eye toward business needs.  Once these needs are identified, we then apply our time-tested methodology in engineering the right solution.  This methodology consists of extensive research and information sharing, and results in standards-based, best-of-breed solutions that meet your needs and budget.  At PCS, our focus is on your business.

"Exact-Fit" Solutions:  We pride ourselves on providing the exact solution to a client's business needs.  We have never agreed with the "cookie-cutter" approach that provides the same answer to various needs, and we never try to force a solution to match a problem.  Every client and every situation have their own particular needs, and we strive to find the right solution to fulfill those needs precisely.  We tailor every proposal to the questions being asked, not the answer we find most convenient.

Business-Centered Approach:  When designing a project, our main focus is always on the client's business model and plan.  We have never believed that the right approach to every situation is "more hardware".  Instead, we spend as much time looking at the business goals of the client as we do looking at the enterprise computing issues at hand.  Our focus truly is on your business, and we believe that the more we know about how your company works, the more precise our solution will be.

Fixed-Bid Projects:  All projects are done on a fixed-bid basis, allowing you to realize the impact of a project on your budget before any work begins.  We have always concentrated on providing the best value possible for the client, and do not believe in projects that drag on forever or rely on a never-ending stream of money from your company to ours.  This approach leads to lower costs and the ability to minimize the impact of project work on your staff and budget.

End of Engagement:  At PCS, our goal is to work ourselves out of a job.  We believe that a major part of a successful relationship with a client is when both parties agree that we have contributed the most to your business success for the time being.  This attitude has contributed to an exceptionally high client satisfaction rate and leads to both repeat and referred business.

Experience:  At PCS, we only hire people for technical positions who have at least four years of IT experience.  While we believe that certifications are important, our approach is that there is no substitute for experience.  This translates into a team that is highly-trained and used to solving issues rapidly.  Our team constantly stays current with the latest technology and continues training in the latest products in order to provide cutting-edge solutions.

Client Confidentiality:  We have always held client confidentiality as a core value because creating complete solutions requires us to work closely with our clients at every level.  We extend this respect beyond the sharing of trade secrets or proprietary information to even refusing to divulge the names of our clients without prior written permission.


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