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Protect Your Critical Server Data

Research shows that tape backup fails to recover data as much as 50% of the time. Furthermore, most companies do not have adequate offsite protection for their server data in the event of a disaster.

PCS online server backup solution eliminates unreliable tapes while providing critical offsite data storage for disaster recovery. Offsite Backup seamlessly integrates online server backup, offsite storage, archiving and recovery into one tape-free solution.

Why Offsite Backup?

Automated Offsite Backup - Your data is backed up automatically on a schedule that you set, so it's always up to date. And it's stored offsite at a secure data center for the best disaster recovery available.

No-Wait Recovery - Instantly recover your data to the point of failure, eliminating downtime and data loss.

No Tapes, No Hassles, Lower Costs - Tape-less backup and recovery means no hardware or software to buy and a fully automated process requiring little employee time or resources. Lower your data protection costs while freeing IT resources for other tasks.


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