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We can migrate (move) your data or relocate your system to a new computer...

Migrating or moving your data can be the biggest challenge when trying to synchronize or transfer files and information from machine to machine.  Also there are the program applications that you have to worry about if you need to keep them.  Until now, transferring your programs, files, and preferences from one computer to another was frustrating, time consuming and exhausting. This procedure is now greatly simplified. Transferring your existing software environment to your new computer (minus all the old unwanted clutter) is now possible! 

We can transfer qualifying programs (either in groups or selectively), documents, e-mail messages from today’s most popular e-mail programs, bookmarks and favorites, Internet connection settings, Windows user profiles, digital signatures stored on disk, and lots more. Windows 95/98 and above uses a Registry system to keep track of all the programs on your system. If you try to copy a windows program to a new computer's hard disk drive, all of the key registry settings will not transfer for proper operation and even then not all programs are eligible for healthy transfer via special migration software, much less a simple file copy process.

Our work will not affect your old pc in any way. And when you're satisfied with your new computer and ready to dispose of your old pc, we can come back and sanitize your old computer leaving little or no trace (depending upon your preference) of your data and program files. 

When it comes to protecting your data, we go the extra mile to assure the process goes smoothly.   

For this reason, you may want a professional computer "guru" to do this for you. 


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